Art Deco Peacocks - Decals for Ceramic, Glass and Enamel

Art Deco Peacocks - Decals for Ceramic, Glass and Enamel

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This listing is for one approximately 5.25 inch x 4 inch (13.3 x 10 cm) sheet containing 5 wonderful art deco/ art nouveau peacocks. The decals are on average 2.5 inches by 1.5 inch wide. (6.4cm x 4 cm). They are available in various colors. Colors as featured from left to right are turquoise, emerald green and delft blue (some pictures are of other designs in those colors).

The decals are gilded with 22 karat gold**.

The decals can be used with ceramic, porcelain, fusing glass and enamel.

Once applied, these decals need to be fired in a kiln to 1350-1480F/ 730-800C/ cone 016-017. They cannot be fired in a home oven.

Decal application and firing instructions. can be found at this link

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We also print custom decals with your photos, illustrations and artwork. 

**All of our decals are printed in the USA using certified conflict-free precious metals.**

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