CONE 6 High Fire Ants Ceramic Decals, Waterslide Decals, Ceramic Transfers

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ants final.jpg

CONE 6 High Fire Ants Ceramic Decals, Waterslide Decals, Ceramic Transfers

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This listing is for one approximately 5.25 inch x 4 inch (13.3 x 10 cm) sheet containing over 100 crawling ant decals. Use them as they are on the sheet or cut them out and arrange as you wish. The decals are on average 0.3 to 0.6 inches. 

We offer this design in blue or black hi-fire (cone 6) "In-glaze" decal for ceramic artists.  Share a studio kiln?  These hi-fire decals offer you flexibility to fire at higher temps typically used in ceramic studios.

The decals can be used with ceramic and porcelain.  They cannot be used for glass and enamel as they fire too hot.   They are lead-free and food safe.

Once applied, these decals need to be fired in a kiln to a flexible temperature range of 1920F - 2340F (1050C - 1280C).  They cannot be fired in a home oven.

Learn more about how to apply and fire decals here.  

Read up about the differences between our "standard" decals and Cone 6 decals in The Decal Blog.

**All of our decals are printed in the USA using certified conflict-free precious metals.**


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