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Rock out with Two-Tones!

Here at Milestone Decal Art, we are always working on new and interesting decals for artists and designers to use in their work.  It takes time to keep things fresh, but we have just about a googolplex of ideas.  But between that idea and your ceramic or glass ware there are a few very important steps.

First, we've got to do the design work.  This takes a lot more time than it may seem.  You see, we don't just buy universally available stock images.  We want to make decals that are different.  So we spend hours developing the images we use.  We then test-print and test-fire.  Once we are finally happy with the decal, we fire them on white ceramic, photograph them, measure and describe them and put them for sale in our online shop.  Phew.  I'm tired just reading all that! 

Luckily, by the time you are seeing the photos, all that behind-the-scenes stuff is out of the way.  So after some weeks of R&D we are happy to share with you our new, expanded line of Two-Tone Decals.  Available in three different colorsets in our shop - Turquoise+Gold, Emerald Green+Gold, and Delft Blue+Gold.  All gilded with 22 Karat, conflict-free precious gold and printed in the US.! 

We hope you like them!  Let us know what you think?  Happy creating!